A downloadable tool for Windows and macOS

Audio Plugins for FMOD 


These are plug-ins for audio middleware FMOD.


  • FMOD Studio 1.10
  • FMOD Integration for Unity 1.10
  • Windows or Mac OS 10.10.x

How to Use:

  1. Copy 'pluginname.dll' or 'pluginname.dylib' to the Plugins folder of your FMOD Studio. Make sure you have the correct version 32bits (x86) or 64 bits (x86_64). The OSX version is only 64 bits. 
  2. WIN: In Unity, copy 'pluginname.dll' to 'Assets/Plugins/x86' or 'Assets/Plugins/x86_64'
    OSX: In Unity, copy 'pluginname.bundle' to 'Assets/Plugins/' 
  3. Open FMOD Settings and click 'Add Plugin' and set its value to pluginname 
  4. Done!

Donations are appreciated to keep these plug-ins updated, ported to other plataforms and to develop new ones.

License of this Plugin:

This software is provided free of charge but the author retains copyright.
You are not allowed to sell or to rent this software.
You are allowed to use this plugin for both commercial and free projects, but make sure you have the correct FMOD license.
This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty.
In no event will the author (Davi Santos) be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.


DvnGlitch-1.02-For FMOD Studio 1.10.zip 363 kB
DvnBitCrusher-1.00-For FMOD Studio 1.10.zip 49 kB


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interesting. i'm a sound designer and composer with UE/unity exp.  starting to learn middleware.  thanks for this work.