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any plans for linux?

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vst2/3 supports it, so yeah this would be great!

However the project that these plugins have been made with is deprecated .. so a port to iPlug2 ?

This is cool, never thought I'd get somthing like this in but here I am :)


Crusher made its way to my production routine, and SfxMaker is just a lot of fun and full of great ideas. Thank you so much!

Thanks! :D

MIDIMeter as an Audio Unit, please?


Currently the Audio Units version is not possible because the framework I use still doesn't implement the SendMidiMsg method. :(
At least I can compile a VST2 version for OS X in a few days.

Excited to try this out. I'm a fan of the BFXR so I'm sure this is a treat.

Thanks, I hope you liked it! :D